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Talking Bees

Talking Bees
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Day Friday
Times 10:00 - 12:00
How often ? Monthly
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A monthly magazine show for beekeepers everywhere, presented by Dick Everett. Dick also is part of the EVA radio show team.

For Dick, a highlight of presenting the Talking Bees show was having feedback from listeners around the world, including New Zealand. He is open to your ideas and suggestions for the show, which covers not just his interest in keeping honey bees, but how we can support the wild insect population too, through more sensitive approaches to managing our gardens and community spaces.


Tune in for:

  • News from the world of honey bees
  • Tips for beekeepers to help save time and money
  • details of forthcoming local, regional and national beekeeping events
  • reflections on traditional and natural beekeeping
  • supporting butterflies, bumblebees and wasps
  • reports from Devon bee meetings
  • information about bee friendly planting
  • extracts from some of the liveliest beekeeping magazines
  • random poems with an emphasis on the natural world
  • updates on the beekeepers library

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