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Soundcamp : 2018

Project Details
Project Date 2018

A holiday for your ears

Soundcamp is a series of outdoor listening events on International Dawn Chorus Day, linked by Reveil: a 24 hour broadcast that tracks the sounds of daybreak, travelling West from microphone to microphone on sounds transmitted live by audio streamers around the globe.

Now in it's forth year, our Soundcamp, over a two night camp on site, gives participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the sounds of the Dartington Hall Estate

Rob Hopkins, who joined us for Soundcamp 2017 wrote

My companions seem genuinely moved, and clearly affected by what they’ve heard.  Words include “beautiful”, “awesome” and “moving”.  Tony notes that although he’s heard many dawn choruses, he never tires of it, and that now we’ve had a taste of it, we should get out when we can in May to listen to it.  As he observes, “you only get so many Mays in your life”.  I’d never looked at it like that before.

for his full article see:

This year our ticket price is £50 (£53 including booking fee) includes camping for Friday and Saturday nights, and nourishing, simple vegan food throughout the weekend.

There are very limited numbers so please book early, at our Eventbrite page.