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Every Child has a Voice : 2018

Project Details
Project Date 2018

Our ambitious vision for Totnes: Every child will take part in, and understand the value of community media.

We see how important it is for each child to find their voice, to be creative and to speak out about the things they care about. Often they find this voice through social media, but this brings risks and worries for young people, parents and teachers. In community media, we can support this process by bringing the best things of both worlds - the grassroots freedom and fun of the online world, with the regulation and accountability of traditional media.




We know they are digital natives and unlikely to turn their back on the online world. What we can bring them are the tools to navigate this better, to care about community and communication.

We want every child to grow knowing they are listened to and valued, with access to local broadcasting and the skills to express themselves in a fair and constructive way. We will build long term relationships with the children and their families, as they grow up, and offer a real alternative platform.