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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are children welcome?

Yes. Children are allowed to attend the event if accompanied by an adult at all times.  We have a number of family-friendly events and workshops planned.  Some of the evening events and performances planned aren't suitable for children - warnings will be given in the programme and on the door.  Every child needs a wristband to attend the weekend activity. You will be asked to mark the wristband with your contact numbers. We recommend families with children camp at CAMP DARTINGTON (a campsite run by Dartington). To use CAMP DARTINGTON you need to book directly with them and then just buy a Weekend Event Passes and Weekend Children Passes separately. Infants aged between 0 and 3 years do not require a weekend pass and come for free.

What activities do you have planned for families?

Our programme is still in development but to give you a flavour of what we have planned for families, our proposed activities suitable for children include: Family drop-in signmaking workshops, music jams, children's Gamelan sessions, Family outdoor art making, Stargazing, nature art activities for families and more.  Many of these participatory workshops and sessions are for children aged 8 and up. 

There is also a new natural play facility on the Dartington estate for children of all ages near the performance studios. 

What about teenagers?

Teenagers are welcome. Children's wristbands are for young people aged between 8 and 18 years. There are some activities that are aimed at children and others suitable for 14 years and above. Some of the evening events and performances planned aren't suitable for under 18 years - warnings will be given in the programme and on the door. All children and young people aged under 18 have to be accompanied by an adult. 

Will there be open mic and performance spaces?

We hope to host platforms for pop up activities like open mic, stand-up, spoken word and workshops. If you are interested in bringing something and fancy a chat email us. More info to follow.

What time can I arrive?

Based on what pass you purchase, you will receive a welcome letter telling you when to arrive and where to go. Foxhole check in opens on Friday 7th at 10am. The first event is at 2pm on Friday 7th. The event whole ends on Sunday 9th at 4pm.

I can't arrive until Saturday or Sunday, can I pay less money?

At this time, we are only selling weekend passes.

Will there be breakfast or other food options at Foxhole?

We are working with a caterer to make us lovely, healthy food weekend-long who will set up at Foxhole.

I want to share a single room in Foxhole with somebody else, is that OK?

No, sorry - we cannot allow more than one person to rent a single room in Foxhole. 

Is it at all possible to chose a particular room? I'm want to stay in my old room in my old house at the reunion!

Email us at after you book your room on Eventbrite to let us know what your room/house preference is.

Are there any twin rooms at Foxhole?

Yes but very few. To book and enquire please contact us by emailing us.

Are there other options for couples and families? 

We recommend you look at the Dartington Hall's hotel, Airbnb, and other local accommodation. Don't forget to purchase your Weekend Event Pass to attend S.T.R.E.A.M. activities. 

 I want to camp with my family but only one of us will attend the events. Is that allowed? 

If you are bringing your whole family or other guests but only you are attending the alumni activities then we recommend you camp at CAMP DARTINGTON (a campsite run by Dartington) which you need to book directly with them and then just buy a Weekend Event Pass for yourself.


Can non-alumni attend S.T.R.E.A.M.?

Yes, but we do encourage the number non-alumni guests are kept to a minimum due to ticket restrictions and the high volume of interest from alumni. 

If you are camping with your family, but only some of you are attending the alumni activities then we recommend you camp at CAMP DARTINGTON (a campsite run by Dartington) - NB you need to book directly with them here. Please if you are camping at Camp Dartington don't forget to get your Weekend Event Pass from our Eventbrite system (opens 9pm, 9th July). 

I just want to hang out and socialise, is that ok?

Fine, you don't have to attend any of the events, workshops and activities planned if you don't feel like it, but you still need to buy a pass. 

Will there be a bar?

Yes, we are running a bar at Foxhole between from about 5 pm for Foxhole residents and campers.

Will there be dancing?

Yes, there are lots of dance events like workshops and jams happening during the day in the studios. There will be DJs in a dance hall space with the bar on Friday and Saturday evening.

Will there be swimming?

You can! Dartington Policy: 

• Wild swimming is permitted on the Dartington Estate at your own risk, and only in designated sites where the impact to plants, wildlife, livestock or other people using the estate will be limited.

Dartington Code of Practice: 

• Wild Swimming has its risks. Injuries have occurred due to cold water temperatures, underwater obstacles and swift currents. 

• There is also a risk of Wiels Disease and Blue Green Algae. 

• Embarking on a wild swim requires common sense. 

• Swim within your limits, which include your experience in open water, strength as a swimmer, resilience in cold water and what you know about the swim spot. 

• Please stay on public footpaths when accessing The Dartington Hall Estate unless in a picnic or swimming designated site. 

• Dartington does not provide lifeguard services, swimming is at your own risk. There are however 3 lifebuoys situated close to the designated swimming areas. 

Current Legislation: It’s legal to swim in any ‘navigable’ waters, which means waters that are open to boats. The River Dart at Dartington is not navigable and is only open to boating between March and October.  

Will there be vegan options?

Where possible we will provide caterers who serve vegan food as standard. 

I have specific dietary requirements - what's should I do?

You can let us know by emailing us by 1st August.