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Dangerous Dads

Dangerous Dads
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Dangerous Dads - Funder Logos
c/o Totnes Children’s Centre, Pathfields
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Phone: 01803 840990

Dangerous Dads is a group for dads and kids to hang out together. All dads and male carers across South Devon are welcome to come along with their children- the best dad’s group ever!

Coming up... Bird-box making, Silly Science, Campfire cooking, Visits to local places, Wild walk, Summer camping, Blackberry picking, Apple-pressing…

For most activities, you pay what you can afford. All dads and male carers are welcome. To find out more email Ian, or look at the website.

Totnes Children’s Centre launched the scheme in 2007 and it’s gone from strength to strength. If you’re not in the Totnes area there are more groups starting up all the time, and Ian can help you set up a Dangerous Dads group in your local town.

Favourite Show…

Generating Steam Heat

DJs Jim and Ed both brought their kids to Dangerous Dads. They're a bit more grown up now (the kids that is!) Go for it mate…


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