Join Wavelength Business Membership 2017

Join our Wavelength

Soundart Radio enterprise and organisation membership 2017

Wavelength is a showcase for community enterprises and organisations in the Totnes and wider area who want to change the world! 

The vibe in this area attracts pioneers and innovators to locate their business here. For many the bottom line is social change, rather than just making a buck. Wavelength is the ethical alternative to commercial advertising and a real celebration of local social enterprise across all sorts of businesses and organisations.

Since 2015 a change in the law gives us the go ahead to advertise, but radio ads can be cheesy! Instead we invite your enterprise or initiative to join Wavelength... 

What's on offer?

Soundart Radio Wavelength membership includes 

  • A regular invitation to take part in the weekly Wavelength  business show. The show is a great way for potential customers to tune in to who you are and what you offer. Hosted by experienced presenters, this is broadcast every Wednesday from 17:00 - 18:00. 
  • A full page feature on the Soundart Radio website about what you offer and why you love your work. 
  • Opportunities to network with other like-minded, non-traditional and ethical business people, primarily running not-for-profits and locally distinctive social ventures and organisations at our fun networking events, twice a year.
  • A link to around 8,000 people (36% of the local community) who tune in on 102.5FM, and many thousands more on line. Our loyal listeners and volunteers include mould breakers, community makers, collectors, connectors, place makers, greens, geeks, activists and creatives! They are curious to know about what you offer...

What does it cost?

Of course we need to find ways to keep Soundart Radio financially alive and kicking. But we want to do this through making mutually fruitful relationships and lively, specialist programme content. Our basic price for Wavelength 2017 membership is £20 a month* (payable by standing order for a minimum of three months).Contact us to Sign up

What would £20 get you on a conventional radio station, reaching the same audience size as Soundart Radio?

Just one play of a 30 second ad!