Slow Radio Sunday

Slow Radio Sunday
Show details
Day Sunday
Times 00:01 - 23:59
How often ? Weekly
This show is linked with this project Ssllooww Rraaddiioo Ssuunnddaayy

Day long works by artists and whatnot, space for epic programmes, long rants and audio experimentation. We started this slot in 2010 as a space for extended radio works. Slow Radio Sunday, sometimes called Ssllooww Rraaddiioo Ssuunnddaayy, is open to submissions at any time.

Generated music compositions, long walks, full washing machine cycles, open microphones, automated processes etc. A useful broadcast slot for anyone with a day long idea to try out.


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  •     Noise
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  •     Experimental
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  •   Sound Recording
  •   Artist
  •   Radio Art
  •   Nature