Waywords and Meansigns

Waywords and Meansigns
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The idea was a simple enough question. How many ways are there to read James Joyce's great and bizarre novel Finnegans Wake?

Seventeen different musicians from all around the world, each assigned to render a chapter aurally. The only requirements: the chapter's words must be audible, unabridged, and more or less in their original order.

To the wonderful world of Finnegans Wake readers, newcomers and devoted followers alike: Here Comes Everybody

To celebrate the anniversary of the Wake's publication (4 May 1939), Soundart Radio will broadcast the entire second edition of Waywords and Meansigns. 3 May through 4 May

Various regional events will also take place during the broadcast. There will be a 30-hour "listening party" in western Massachusetts, USA, as well as events in Australia and the Totnes area, UK. We invite you to host an event in your region, to stream the audio for an hour or the whole thirty hours! Check out our Facebook event for more information, or contact waywordsandmeansigns@gmail.com
The broadcast begins on 3rd May at 3PM and runs continuously until 4th May at 9PM. Times, unless otherwise noted, are British Summer Time (BST) aka UTC +1.


Robert Amos
Krzysztof Bartnicki
Robert Berry
Hinson Calabrese
Neil Campbell
Tim Carbone
Chelidon Frame
Hayden Chisholm
Wiel Conen
The Conspirators of Pleasure
Tim Cornelius

Ollie Evans
Gareth Flowers
Steve Fly
Graziano Galati
Charlotte Gilissen
Steve Gregoropoulos
Kio Griffith
Brian Hall
Adam Harvey
James Heflin
Here Comes Everybody Players
Janken's Henchmæn
​Sara Jewell

David Kahne
Mariana Lanari
Sjoerd Leijten
Izzy Longo
Liz Longo
Mary Lorson
Maharadja Sweets
Rio Matchett
Ryan Mihaly
Mr. Smolin &
Double Naught Spy Car
Greg Nahabedian
Samuel Nordli

Alan Ó Raghallaigh
Raymond Pettibon
Derek Pyle
Peter Quadrino
​Andrea Riley
Kevin Spenst
Street Kids Named Desire
William Sutton
Un Monton Torero
Mike Watt
Mateusz Wysocki


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