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Pearl Collection, Happy Parent Media for Early Years


‘Ben Pot and the Stormy Feelings’, ‘Lucy Diamond’s Choice: Whiny Lane or Happy Lane’ and other children’s stories 

A 45-minute storytelling session for the whole family with Celine Smith of Pearl Collection on Sunday 9th September to attend please get your day pass for infants, children and adults here.

The children’s books are projected on the wall, and read aloud for a cosy, reflexive and empowering time. Join Ben Pot, Lucy Diamond, Leo and baby Skye on an adventure through sunny and stormy feelings. Hear them share the stories of how they once used to hit, whine, snatch, freak out when things didn’t go their way, until the day they discovered a secret key! Now they can relax and use their energy to help others, find solutions that make everyone happy and see they are fine all the time, like a massive sparkling gem!

For ages 2 and above - as with all activities at Stream, all children to be accompanied by an adult.

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