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Saffron Governor




Experimental documentation of the festival by artist Saffron Governor throughout. Lab session open for audiences to witness studio processes on Sunday 9 September. Buy festival pass today to attend.

Saffron Governor

Performing an Act of Documentation

It is always evocative, as well as illuminating, to trace graphically the contours of performance, its trajectories and lines of force. Patrice Pavis

Live performance ‘reportage’, a time-based drawing practice which uses the hands to mark impulsive responses to stimuli. All performances witnessed will be recorded on a single scroll and marked with time code, location and artist details. This work explores how techniques of notation such as this can be usefully applied to the analysis of performance and other affective phenomena.


Studio-based Lab: Creating a Soundscape for Contact Improvisation Participants

The aim of this lab is to explore the potential of the aural material generated by a time-based drawing practice as a live accompaniment for improvised movement. Contact microphones are attached to the drawing board so that the sound of the marks being made can be amplified in the studio. The proposed experiment is to witness and document/draw a contact improvisation session. So that the sound of the mark making stimulated by witnessing the movement contributes to the soundscape in which the dancers are performing.