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Saj Collyer


Dartington Gamelan

Many Dartington students experienced either playing in or watching the Balinese gamelan bought in 1977 by Gordon Jones and Jack Dobbs. At Stream on Sunday 9th September join us for workshops led by Saj Collyer and the Dartington Gamelan for a revisiting... or an introduction.  To participate buy a pass here

Saj taught gamelan at DCA from 1994-2010 and still runs a gamelan group at Dartington. She is also the director of the Plymouth University gamelan. 

 If you have never played gamelan, then you might want to know that because of the flexible nature of gamelan music, this orchestra of tuned percussion from Bali can accommodate players, from 6 to 106 years old. You don't need to have played music before, and you don't use notation, just your ears, so it is suitable for everyone.