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Live tarot reading

A live, tarot reading based on questions from our fellow artists from the Tomorrow's Transmissions programme featuring music played live and remote from Berlin and Belgrade. For us, tarot is about finding out more about the present rather than predicting the future. We will add depth and clarity to our desires for a post-corona world.


Chris Wood is an artist interested in the effects of technology on space, time and ontology. Recent work involves tarot readings based on the position of GPS satellites and an AI algorithm trained to speak in tongues. A parallel career in radio production influences his work, with the majority of his projects realised through sound. He holds a PhD from Queen Mary University of London and has exhibited internationally.
Lukatoyboy is a sound artist, musician and publisher from Belgrade, currently based in Berlin. His main activities in music and sound include performing electroacoustic improvisation using transmission, feedback and analogue synthesizers. His current practice is based on performances dealing with networks, sound and narrative, using walkie talkies and site specific topics. He is currently researching alternative methods of listening, using architecture and distance as tools for discovery, as well as approaches to live broadcast of interpretation.
Jelena Mijić is an artist based in Belgrade, who focuses mainly on the topics of randomness, uncertainty, participation of others and chaos in the field of art, and on the issues of authorship, the imperative of originality of the artist’s personality, their ingenuity and authority, of the institutionalization of art and re-examination of the generally accepted postulates on which a work of art is based.