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Ladies Of Pleasure



A cabaret performance by artists Gina Sherman and Cathy McCabe on Saturday 8 September at Dartington Space. Buy festival pass today to attend.

Alfie Ordinary, Coco Deville and The Ladies of Pleasure present a Collaborative Cabaret, a celebration of Dartington Graduates who now work in cabaret. 

After an eight-year hiatus festering under breastmilk stained bed sheets and eating cake, the Ladies of Pleasure are back!  Sick to the back teeth of the Brexit brigade, the body shamers and the hoo-ha of highbrow art, the Ladies bring their unique brand of neo-fetish creamy fun to the welcoming stage of Dartington. Come if you glory in thunder thighs, lip-sync Disney, Eurotrash and illicit oral'll be daft, daring and rather ridiculous.