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Futures 2021

As part of FUTURES2020 & 2021 EU funded festival,Stellaria Media facilitated a series of programmes, co-created by members community radio stations with researchers from the University of Exeter, Bristol, Bath, Bath Spa & University of Plymouth in partnership with Agile Rabbit.

Community Radio is a space for people to make radio in their own way, talk about meaningful issues in their lives and connect with others. Members of each station identified topics that are important to them and have been paired up with exciting university researchers working in relevant areas. Through a participatory community media methodology, we worked with a variety of approaches for us to listen, respond and create together.

The Lay of the Land: Mining Heritage in the Clay Country

This program hears from Rowan Halkes, Sian Esther Powell and Jay Elvy about the impact of mining in the Cornish China Clay area, the heritage it has created and imagining what the future holds for the landscape and communities here.

Being Beavers, Building Dams

Children at Soundart Radio's holiday club discuss the reintroduction of beavers to English rivers with Exeter based researcher Chryssa Brown. They embody their new knowledge by building a dam, and playing in the river. With additional material from Mark Elliott from Devon Wildlife Trust.

Music, Poetry and Perception

Hip-hop artist and poet Silai Estatira reflects on the relationship between language, culture and music, with neuroscientist Professor Sue Denham.

Three Brooks Nature Reserve

Bradley Stoke Radio members walk around their local Three Brooks Nature Reserve with freshwater ecologists Ian Thornhill (Bath Spa) and Jack Greenhalgh (Bristol). With pond dipping, ecological conversations and underwater sounds they discuss the ecological and community networks that thrive here.

The Bath Union Workhouse

More than 3000 people died of poverty in the Bath Union Workhouse between 1858 and 1899. They are buried in unmarked graveyards. BA1 radio joins Richard White (Bath Spa), historian John Payne, Aileen Thompson and Sarah Morton (Bath Spa) on a journey through the tangles of time and social justice to explore the wider Workhouse site. Including music from Bath City Jubilee Waits and poetry from John Payne.

Higher Uppacott, a Dartmoor Longhouse

Contributors from Skylark FM visit a medieval longhouse with Professor Daniel Maudlin, researcher India Jolly and Claire Partridge from Dartmoor National Park Authority. The house has been occupied in different ways over the centuries, and these changes, and its unique atmosphere is responded to in conversation, imagination and music.