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Imbolc - 1st and 2nd February First Spark

Initially held in 2009, when we began broadcasting on our Community Radio licence, First Spark is a weekend of radio experiments to coincide with the ancient festival of Imbolc, or Candlemas (also ‘Groundhog Day’) that falls at the beginning of February. It marks the midway point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox, and is when we begin to feel the earliest signs of Spring. Small shoots, the earliest flowers, frogs coming out of hibernation. It is a better time than New Year’s Day to kick off a good habit; a better time than Twelfth Night to take down Christmas decorations. For us, it is a time to consider the First Sparks of ideas, energy, electricity, transmission – a radiogenic point in the calendar.


 For 2020 - a morning of new works for radio, curated and presented by Mark Leahy 

From midday - Launch of Patches of Land, with community radio lunch and chat


First Spark Saturday Feb 1st 2020


On air from 0930hrs to finish just before 12 noon.

part 1

Toni DimitrovBackyard Rain – 10’

Sebastiane HegartyPhotosynthesis: for water snails, diving beetle and pondweed. – 7’06”

Emmanuelle Waeckerlé0(nly) – 21’

Sebastiane Hegarty, on [is] off – 13’

Mark Leahy, biddys 1 – 2’30”

part 2

Sue CoulsonUnder the Line at Starcross – 7’15”

Olchar E. Lindsannthree poems – 6’

Kate DonovanSeed Dispersal I – 2’

People Like UsNo One is an Island – 28’

Mark GreenwoodThe Seance – 10’

Kate Donovan, Seed Dispersal II – 6’10”

Mark Leahy, biddys 2 – 2’30”

part 3

Sue Coulson, Sound of Piers and Seas – 6’40”

Andy CluerTHEN, NOW, THEN (Act iii) – 7’30”

Noise LaboratoryFeather – 4’

Mark Leahy, biddys 3 – 2’30”

Alice Kempfourteen twelve – 14’12”

Olchar E. Lindsann, improvisation – 12’




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